The participant will be responsible for the cost to call any local access number.

Country (Calling From) Access NumberDial-in Rate
United States (Continental)View List
United States (Alaska)907-365-3776
Argentina (Buenos Aires) (0)-11-52465918
Australia (Adelaide)  (0)-871001112
Australia (Brisbane)  (0)-730538203
Australia (Melbourne)  (0)-386521665
Australia (Perth)  (0)-862252185
Australia (Sydney)   (0)-290378402
Belgium (Brussels) (0)-2-8080689
Brazil (Rio De Janeiro) (0)-21-35001801
Canada View List
Chile (Santiago) (0)-2-5708665
France (Paris) (0)-17-6607089
Finland (Helsinki) (0)-9-42598642
Germany (Frankfurt) (0)-69-257378897
Greece (Athens) (0)-21-11981764
Hong Kong (0)-58083182
Ireland (Dublin) (0)-1-5262734
Israel (Tel Aviv) (0)-3-9155793
Italy (Milan)  (0)-947-50453
Italy (Naples)  (0)-081-0104536
Italy (Rome) (0)-06-99268329
Japan (Tokyo) (0)-34-5801981
Luxembourg (0)-20881130
Mexico View List
Netherlands (Amsterdam) (0)-20-2629670
New Zealand (Auckland) (0)-9-4427327
Norway (Oslo) (0)-21075032
Pakistan (Karachi) (0)-21-7016854
Peru (Lima) (0)-1-7071698
Poland (Krakow) (0)-12-8810991
Poland (Lodz) (0)-42-2036735
Poland (Warsaw) (0)-22-3987414
Portugal (Lisbon) (0)-30-8800560
Spain (Barcelona) (0)-93-1807305
Spain (Madrid) (0)-911-876509
Sweden (Stockholm) (0)-8-40309947
Switzerland (Zurich) (0)-435004178
United Kingdom (Glasgow) (0)-141-8465396
United Kingdom (Leeds) (0)-113-8685517
United Kingdom (London) (0)-208-0995491
United Kingdom (Sheffield) (0)-114-3520006


Take advantage of our international toll free dial in numbers from outside the U.S.A.

Search for the global access number that corresponds to the country you are calling from. If you use the access number for another country, you will be charged the rate from that country.

Country (Calling From) Access NumberDial-in Rate
United States - Lower 48 States1-800-444-28013.7¢
United States - Lower 48 States (no entry chime)1-877-380-77553.7¢
United States - Lower 48 States (no $ prompt)1-800-772-31293.7¢
Australia 1-800-422547 16¢
Austria 0800-80220128¢
Belgium 0800-7-162924¢
Canada 1-800-444-28015.9¢
Germany 0800-101618215¢
Hong Kong 800-903-19119¢
India 000-800-100-314738¢
Ireland 1-800690825 22¢
Israel 1-80-9214882 27¢
Italy 800-78186930¢
Japan 00531-120105 63¢
Netherlands 800022091528¢
New Zealand 0-800-440-176 19¢
Norway 800-1812631¢
Peru 0-800-52-76078¢
Poland 0-0-800-1112-579 22¢
Singapore 800-1301-47435¢
S. Africa - Johan 080-09-92544 39¢
Spain 900-94-178573¢
Sweden 020-79-264730¢
Switzerland 0800-56460614¢
United Kingdom 0-808-234-698416¢
United Kingdom 0-808-234-758216¢
United Kingdom 08-000289847 16¢

If toll-free is not available, participants may dial into any local access number.
These are local telephone access number that allows participants to call into a conference from international locations. The normal USA toll-free number does not accept calls from outside the USA. The participant will be responsible for the cost of a normal call to the local access phone number.

Additional Details

Possible Restrictions:

  • Public pay phones may require coin or card deposit
  • May not be available from every phone/pay phone (make sure you are using a touch tone phone)
  • In countries, participants may be billed at a different rate than from Web Dial Out.
  • Some countries may have a restriction on accessing from mobile phones
  • Some locations may not offer toll-free access.
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