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Conference Caller is an advanced teleconferencing platform that enables users to place domestic and international conference calls from anywhere in the world. With its audio conference call and web conferencing, you can expect to reduce your conference call costs by 90% over other conference call service providers. More and more businesses are cutting international phone bills by using our audio and web conferencing services.

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  • Reservationless Reservationless conference calls FROM anywhere TO anywhere.


    Conference Caller is an advanced, reservationless, teleconferencing platform that enables you to be located anywhere in the world, and make global conference calls at exceptional rates.

    You can start a conference call FROM any country in the world, in seconds.

  • Global Calling Connect global participants to a audio conference call in seconds.

    Global Calling

    You can have up to 50 people connected on single call through Conference Caller!

    You will be billed the same rate as a regular phone call. Don't pay those high per minute rates from other telecom companies.

    If you require more than 50 participants concurrently, please contact us and speak with one of our sales specialists.

  • Superior Quality Excellent call quality and secure network infrastructure.

    Quality Service

    ConferenceCaller.com uses the latest digital routing and switching equipment. We use full fiber-optic cabling throughout the network, providing callers with the finest quality service currently available.

    We constantly upgrade our system to maintain technical superiority.

  • Multiple Options Multiple connection options; Toll & Toll-Free Dial In Access, and Web Dial Out.

    Multiple Options

    You have multiple options of how you can connect to a conference. You may dial into a local toll or toll-free access number, and enter your conference code.

    You may also use the convenient online "Web Dial Out" or "Group Dial Out" features which allow you to start conference regardless of the country you are in.

  • Web Controls Free moderator web controls. Now includes mute, phonebooks, call logs, and more.

    Web Controls

    Now included for free, in all accounts, are some convenient online moderator controls.

    An online phone book for quick, easy access to commonly called phone numbers.

    Other features include call logs, mute/un-mute participants, and more.

  • Phone Commands Activate commands such as mute all, dial out, from your phone.
  • Fully Automated On demand, fully automated conference calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Fully Automated

    Our conference bridges are available 24/7 through our various connection methods; Local or toll-free access numbers, or web dial out.

  • No Busy Signal Unlike others, our conference service is always available. Never get a busy signal.

    No Busy Signal

    With Conference Caller, you will never have to worry about busy signals because our system is available 24/7

  • Use Any Phone Use any phone such as offices, cell phones, pay phones, and more.

    Use Any Phone

    With Conference Caller you do not have to buy any special equipment. You can use any type of phone such as office phones, cellular phones, and payphones.

  • No Switching Carriers No need to cancel your existing long distance provider to use our service.

    No Switching Carriers

    Since ConferenceCaller.com is a pre-paid solution, there are no contracts to sign. Simply deposit funds into the account as you need to use the service.

  • Auto-Rechargeable A convenient way to ensure you always have minutes.


    Once your account reaches the minimum level you have designated on your account, our system will automatically recharge your account at the denomination you set. The automatic recharge prevents disconnects because the funds will be applied when you are on a call. There is no additional fee to set up this feature.

  • No Commitments It's Prepaid! So no contracts, or long term commitments to sign.

    No Commitments

    You can cancel your account at anytime. Since Conference Caller is prepaid, simply use the remaining balance on your account.

    If you wish to add more minutes to your account, you may "recharge" at anytime.

  • 1-Minute Billing With a low 1 minute billing increment, save time and money.

    1-Minute Billing

    We bill in one minute increments for only completed calls, as in the case of your local telephone services.

    This is the basic unit to record the length of your phone calls.

  • No Paper Billing No more bills sent in the mail.

    No Paper Billing

    Never deal with the hassle of lost or accidentally discarded paper bills. Just click on the "Login" button on the navigation bar that appears on our home page.

    After entering your email and password, your billing information is displayed for local printing or downloading, 24/7.

  • Big Savings Reduce costs by 90% over traditional methods of conference calling.

    Big Savings

    ConferenceCaller.com offers the lowest rates available anywhere for international connections.

    Our customers reduce their international telephone bills between 70% and 90% by using ConferenceCaller.com instead of local providers, hotels, pay phones, and other calling card services.

  • Free Activation No Setup Fees, No Installation Costs, Speedy Activation.

    Free Activation

    There are no set up fees. Simply complete the sign up form. Your account is usually active between 5 minutes or up to 72 hours depending on how quickly we can verify your information.

    Then we email you the instructions on how to start using the Conference Caller system.

  • No Extra Fees No connection fees, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, guaranteed.

    No Extra Fees

    Conference Caller does not have any connection or hidden charges. We do not mask fees by way of gimmicks.

  • No Penalties No cancellation fees and No deactivation fees.

    No Penalties

    You can cancel your account at anytime, free of penalty.

    Since Conference Caller is prepaid, simply use the remaining balance on your account.

    If you wish to add more minutes to your account, you may "recharge" at anytime.

  • Guaranteed Rates One Rate, 24/7, No time or day restrictions.

    Guaranteed Rates

    Conference Caller uses the \"one rate\" billing method. You save around the clock, and you do not be concerned about when calls are made.

    In addition there is no usage requirements of any kind for establishing a Conference Caller account.

  • Industry Low Rates Lower than AT&T, Sprint, international VOIP, and collect calls.

    Industry Low Rates

    Our customers save between 70% and 90% on their international phone bills by using ConferenceCaller.com instead of local providers, hotels, pay phones, or conference calling card services.

    View rates and see the difference.

  • Customer Service 24/7 Friendly Customer Service.

    Customer Service

    Our friendly, experienced customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Just call our customer service number if you have any questions or concerns with your Conference Caller account, so we can assist you.

  • Account Management 24/7 Online Account Management.

    Account Management

    At any time of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, login to the "Returning Customers" section located on the home page.

    Your personal account information will appear and is available for both viewing and editing. Billing information is also displayed for local printing and downloading.

  • Online Help Comprehensive online help resources available.

    Online Help

    Conference Caller provides customers with a full array of detailed help information which can be easily accessed online by clicking on the "Support" tab located at the top of the page within the navigation bar.

  • Secure Connections Fully redundant, robust fiber optic Digital Network.

    Secure Connection

    ConferenceCaller.com uses the latest digital routing and conference switching equipment.

    We use full fiber-optic cabling throughout the network, providing callers the finest quality service currently available. We constantly upgrade our system to maintain technical superiority.

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  • Web-based Application

    Access service from any computer with Internet access
    No software to install
    Automatic upgrade

  • Publishing Microsoft PowerPoint®, Word® and Excel® Documents

    No download for participants to view published documents
    Store multiple presentations in your account for quick and easy presenting

  • Multiple Presenters/Control Passing

    Share presenting responsibilities with other participants

  • Application and Desktop Sharing

    Share an application or document with meeting participants in real time
    Optionally choose to share select documents and applications or entire desktop

  • Remote Control

    Request control of a participant desktop or application
    Give control of desktop or application to participant in the meeting

  • Roster with Controls

    Manage web conference from single point within application
    View participants as they join and leave meetings
    Capture key participant information (e.g., name, email)

  • Hand Raising

    Enable participants to "raise hand" in response to question or to get host attention
    Tallies "raised hands"

  • Polling

    Create and execute polls
    Tallies and presents results to host online and in summary reports
    Option to present results to participants

  • Smart Scrolling

    Synchronize participant view of a document with the presenter's view

  • Pointer

    Highlight key presentation points on slides or in documents

  • Annotation

    Use marker tool to illustrate key points in presentation
    15 colors available

  • Full Screen

    Enlarge presentation to size of application window

  • Conference Lock

    Lock conferences to prevent unwanted participants from joining once a conference has started

  • File Transfer

    Transfer files to one or all participants

  • Chat (host or participant initiated)

    Chat with individuals or send broadcast messages
    Designate an individual participant or a group to answer Q&A

  • Optimized Slide Presentations

    Caches slides to improve transitions for slower connections
    Displays fixed dimension slides when slow connections are detected

  • Email Meeting Summary

    Choose to receive a summary of the meeting (e.g., duration, participants) via email after the session has concluded

  • SSL Encryption

    Ensures the safety and privacy of information shared during the meeting

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