Excellent Service for Pennies, and No Contracts

Conference Caller is an advanced telephone confererence calling platform that enables users to place domestic and international conference calls from anywhere in the world. With its audio conference call, you can expect to reduce your overall conference call costs by 90% over other conference calling service providers. More and more businesses worldwide are cutting international phone bills by using our audio conferencing services.

Excellent Conference Call, Free Trial Offer


just/ per minute

Host unlimited conference calls using local access from over 20+ International Countries.
Connect up to 50 participants.

See Local and International Access Numbers

Great Audio Conference Call Features

Chrystal Clear Audio Conference

Get phenomenal call quality on confidential conference lines. Conference Caller provides the lowest rates from more than 40+ nations with no volume buying prequesites. We're lower than ATT, Sprint, Skype, worldwide VOIP, and other conference call providers.

Tons of Bells & Whistles

Access complete administration of your conference phone calls. Setup group calls in your phonebook, in-call touchtone commands, and online meeting controls are just a portion of the things you will take advantage with your Small business account from Conference Caller.

Conference Call Worldwide Up to 50 Participants

Begin a worldwide conference call with no reservations or time of day confinements. Make conference phone calls 24/7 all year long. Conference with anybody from any place worldwide through an assortment of connecting options.

Record Conferences Free and Free Download

Record your audio conference call on-the-fly through touchtone buttons. Log into your account, and you may likewise download your past recordings in .mp3. All recording and document hosting charges are incorporated for nothing with your account!

Pay As You Go Conferencing, No Contracts

Control conferencing costs with one low level prepaid rate with no memberships or long haul conferencing contracts. You don't have to cancel with your current conference provider, or anything. There are never cancelation charges or account deactivation expenses at Conference Caller.

Worldwide Accessibility

Conference Call anyone through our local toll and toll-free conferencing access numbers in 20+ countries around the world. Use any telephone, for example, workplaces, mobile phones/local cellular, payphones, and more. Our framework can even dial-out to for all conference attendees and bring them into your conference call automatically.

General Features
  • Reservationless Reservationless conference calls FROM anyplace TO anyplace.

    No Reservations

    Conference Caller is a progressed, reservationless, allowing you place conference calls virtually anyplace on the planet. Get remarkable rates on all your long distance conference calls with prepaid discounts.

    You can start a conference call FROM any country in the world, in seconds.

  • Global Calling Connect global participants to an audio conference call in seconds.

    Global Calling

    You can have up to 50 people connected on single conference call through Conference Caller!

    Don't pay those high per minute rates from other telecom companies. You will be billed a flat rate based on the country.

    If you require more than 50 participants concurrently, please contact us and speak with one of our sales specialists.

  • Superior Quality Fantastic call quality on a secure system foundation.

    Fantastic call quality and secure system foundation.

    <%=strSiteDomain%> utilizes the most recent advanced routing and exchanging servers. We utilize full fiber-optic cabling all through the system, giving guests the finest quality administration they deserve.

    We continually overhaul our framework to keep up specialized predominance.

  • Multiple Options Various connection choices; Toll & Toll-Free Dial In Access, and Web Dial Out.

    Multiple Options

    You have various alternatives of how you can associate with a conference call meeting. You may dial into a nearby toll-free or toll access number, and enter your conference code.

    You may likewise utilize the advantageous online "Web Dial Out" or "Group Dial Out" components which permit you to begin meeting paying little heed to the inconveniences of them dialing in. We'll dial out to them.

  • Web Controls Free administrator web controls. Presently incorporates phonebooks, call logs, and that's only the tip of the iceberg.

    Web Controls

    Presently included for nothing, mute accounts, are helpful online moderator controls.

    An online telephone directory for fast, simple access to normally called telephone numbers.

    Different components incorporate call logs, mute, unmute members, and the sky is the limit from there.

  • Telephone Commands Actuate conference charges, for example, mute all, dial out to conference group, from your telephone.
  • Fully Automated Always on, completely automated telephone conference calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

    Fully Automated

    On interest, completely automated teleconference calls 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.

  • No Busy Signal Dissimilar to others, our conferencing service is constantly accessible. Never get a busy signal.

    No Busy Signal

    With Conference Caller, you will never need to stress over occupied lines. Our framework is accessible all day, every day

  • Use Any Phone Utilize any telephone, for example, workplaces, mobile/cellular, pay telephones, and then some.

    Use Any Phone

    With Conference Caller you don't need to purchase any extraordinary hardware. You can utilize any sort of telephone, for example, office telephones, cellular/mobile phones, and payphones.

  • No Switching Carriers No need to cross out your current long supplier to utilize our service.

    No Switching Carriers

    Since Conference Caller is a prepaid arrangement, there are no agreements to sign. Just store balances into the account as you use our global conference call service.

Client Services
  • Client Services Every minute of every day, get Friendly Customer Service.

    Client Services

    Our understanding, experienced conference caller client service specialists are accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    Simply call our client service specialists number in the event that you have any inquiries or worries with your Conference Caller lines, so we can help you.

  • User Management Every minute of every day Online Account Management.

    User Management

    Whenever of the day, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, login to the "Returning Customers" area situated on the home page.

    Your own record data will show up and is accessible for viewing. Charging data is likewise shown so you can easily print it or download.

  • Online Resources Extensive online help assets accessible.

    Online Resources

    Conference Caller gives clients a full cluster of nitty gritty help data which can be effectively viewed online by tapping on the "Help" tab situated at the top of the page.

  • Confidential Lines Completely redundant, powerful fiber optic Digital Network.

    Confidential Lines

    Conference Caller utilizes the most recent automatic routing and global conference calling hardware.

    We utilize full fiber-optic cabling all through the system, giving guests the finest quality administration around today. We always update our conference call network to keep up specialized prevalence.

  • Automatic Refill A helpful approach to guarantee you have conference call minutes.


    Once your record achieves the replenishment level you have assigned for you, our system will consequently add funds to your account at the amount you set. The automatic refill of your conference call account will be performed even while you are on a live conference call. There is no extra charge to set up this phenomenal element.

  • Reduce Commitments Use our prepaid service, so no agreements, or long contracts.

    Reduce Commitments

    You can drop your account at whatever time. Since Conference Caller is prepaid conference calls, essentially utilize the rest of the sum and your done.

    If you ever decide to re-fill funds and add more minutes to your account, you may do so at anytime.

  • One Minute With our low one minute billing, you'll only pay for what you use.

    One Minute

    We charge in one minute increases for finished calls, just like you would with your telephone utilities.

    This is the an extraordinary value to bill at for an international telephone conference call service.

  • No Paper Mail Make strides toward environmental friendliness. No more paper bills sent in the postal mail.

    No Paper Mail

    Make strides toward environmental friendliness, and never manage the bother of lost or incidentally disposed of paper bills. For your account history, simply tap on the "Login" button on the upper right of our home page.

    After entering your email and password key, you're billed conference calls data is shown for you to print or download, at whatever time of the day or night.

  • Big Savings Lessen costs by 90% over conventional teleconference call providers for any meeting.

    Big Savings

    Conference Calleroffers the most reduced rates accessible anyplace for global conferencing.

    Our clients lessen their universal phone bills somewhere around 70% and 90% by utilizing Conference Caller rather than local suppliers, hotels, pay telephones, and other conference calling competitors.

  • Free Signup No association expenses, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, ensured.

    Free Signup

    There are no set up expenses to enjoy these low rates. Your record is normally dynamic between 5 minutes or up to 72 hours relying upon how rapidly we can confirm your data.

    At that point we email you the guidelines on the best way to begin utilizing the Conference Caller global conference call network.

  • No Hidden Fees No additional taxes, No Hidden Fees, No Gimmicks, ensured.

    No Hidden Fees

    Conference Caller does not have any association or sly charges. We don't hide expenses by method or tricks.

  • No Cancellation Fees No cancelation expenses and No deactivation charges.

    No Cancellation Fees

    You can wipe out your record at whenever, free of penalty.

    Since Conference Caller is prepaid global conference call service, basically utilize the rest of your account and you're done.

    In the event that you wish to add more minutes to your record, you may "refill" at anytime.

  • Ensured Pricing One Rate, every minute of every day, No time or day confinements.

    Ensured Pricing

    Conference Caller uses the one rate charging technique. Anytime of the day or night, you won't be worried about when calls are made.

    What's more there is no volume prerequisites of any sort for getting a Conference Caller account.

  • Low Pricing Lower than AT&T, Sprint, worldwide VOIP, and other conference call services.

    Low Pricing

    Our clients save somewhere around 70% and 90% on their worldwide telephone bills by utilizing Conference Callerrather than neighborhood suppliers, hotels, pay telephones, or conference calling card websites and competitors.

    View our pricing and see the distinction.

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